© 2019 by Dallas Pollei

    I love to direct social and poignant productions as well as larger than life stories. I always try to serve the story and the playwright first; TRUST THE TEXT.  Three areas I love most about my profession is learning the playwright, rehearsal process, and collaboration with designers. Learning the playwright is wonderful with an in-depth play analysis that will guide my vision once I know the show or find the playwright within the script. I love working with playwrights when I have a chance, but if I don't get the opportunity I love taking the time to comb through the script to find their voice, their message, and their passion.

    Rehearsals are where the magic happens. The discoveries that are made within rehearsals are possibly my favorite part of the production.  The journey in developing my vision can take some unexpected and wonderful twists and turns that make the show even more amazing. When patrons mention a moment in the show they loved or stood out to them where I can reply, "That wasn't even planned. Just magic that happened one day in rehearsal." I honestly believe most directors cherish the rehearsal time as much as I. 


    One of the best compliments I have ever received is "I’m a designers’ director". I know color theory, material cost, construction, and programming for sound and lights. This is helpful in relating my directorial concept, but I know how to step back in order for the designer to excel in their area of expertise. In doing so, the designer has artistic freedom and I’m not micromanaging their area. Having that restraint and ability to allow for collaboration with designers are when the real possibilities and magic begin to happen. 

    I'm growing as a director with every new show I'm lucky enough to be apart of. I would love to work on new and/or original scripts someday. I think it would be wonderful to be on the ground floor developing a new musical or play with the playwright and designers from day one. Its a goal of mine, but when it comes down to it, I'm all about the people and audiences because they are the heart of theatre.

Directorial Philosophy